People in Liverpool perform more searches for non-surgical cosmetic procedures that any other region in the world, according to plastic surgeons.

And enhancements such as botox and lip fillers were the key terms search, according to a report presented to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

‘Regional cultural factors’ were said to be behind the trend, which saw 80 per cent of global searches for non-surgical procedures now made in the UK.

While southern England seems to prefer the idea of going under the knife – searching more for operations including breast augmentation or rhinoplasty – Liverpool led other UK cities including Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle when it came to plumping up without the need for surgery.

The study also decreed that such procedures as having a lip filler in your lunch hour are becoming increasingly common, with many now viewing them as the equivalent of having a hair-cut or pedicure.

In the last five years to 2016, the study found that interest in botox has risen dramatically in the UK, with 31 per cent more people interested in the youth-giving toxin being injected into their skin.

Meanwhile, searches for lip filler – where a cosmetic surgeon injects a dermal or hyaluronic acid fillers into one or both lips to give a bee stung pout – shot up by 71 per cent.