Crisis or no crisis, according to recent data, the botox industry made a turnover of 2.5 billion euros last year and is expected to reach 2.9 in 2018.

In fact numbers show 2.8 botox applications per 1.000 inhabitants, and that was less than a year post Greece’s first Memorandum, placing Greece in the second place after South Korea in the global International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

“Botox is the fastest-spread aesthetic intervention in the history of beauty” said Andreas Katsambas, head of the dermatological department of the Hygeia Hospital in Athens, while acclaimed plastic surgeon Konstantinos Floros insisted that “botox has brought democracy to aesthetic medicine.

“It is the dream everyone can experience, without pain, and at a cost that is always affordable,” he added. “Whoever starts doing botox does not stop it, and new customers are constantly coming.”

At 176 euros per half a unit Greek women and men are, able to relax the muscles in the upper part of the face and smooth out the marks of time and worry from their face. Lips injections are also extremely popular amongst Greek woman, yet the lines on the forehead and the wrinkles in the goose leg (outside corner of the eyes).

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of botox, the treatment has become more popular as a means to block the muscles that control reactions related to negative feelings such as sorrow and anger.