One of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, Turkey is known for its pristine beaches and rich historical heritage. But in recent years, it has also carved out a niche in medical tourism thanks to the wide expertise of its medical professionals. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the global hair-transplantation market, which is forecast to reach a total value of $30.13 billion per year by 2031.

“Thousands of people from all over the world visit Turkey for top-notch and competitively priced hair-transplant procedures,” Ekrem Keskin, MD, of Istanbul’s Capital Hair Center says. “This has served to make Turkey a leader and provided Turkish doctors with unrivaled experience.”

Keskin is a plastic surgeon who performs hair transplants with an aesthetic vision. He received his training in aesthetic surgery at Cleveland Clinic’s plastic and reconstructive and aesthetic surgery department in Ohio.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Along with their wide-ranging expertise, Turkish clinics are also known for employing the latest hair-transplantation methods, including scalp analysis and anesthetics to ensure pain-free transplantation procedures.

Capital Hair Center offers patients cutting-edge ozone therapy, which boosts the survival rate of transplanted hair grafts and accelerates the recovery process. “This means patients can return to their daily routines relatively quickly,” Keskin says.

Aesthetic considerations, meanwhile, also represent a crucial component of hair-transplantation. “Patients’ primary motivation is to look younger, healthier and more attractive,” says Keskin, who has received extensive training in facial aesthetics. “After performing a scalp analysis, the center’s experienced staff can determine how many hair grafts are needed, and where. Then we select the placement, frequency and direction of grafts based on a patient’s unique facial type.”

Total Holiday Experience

In the last two years, nearly 2 million foreign tourists came to Turkey for health services. Health expenditures in Turkish tourism increased by 121.5% in the second quarter in 2022. This is largely because Turkey offers more affordable prices than other leading destinations, Keskin says.

“Those visiting Turkey for hair-transplant procedures can also enjoy its historical, cultural, and natural attractions,” says Keskin, “which together make for a total holiday experience.”