Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeon Gary Motykie, MD, FACS, has won Best Botched Patient Enhancement at the 2022 Aesthetic Awards. 

“Being selected as a winner in the Botched Revision category is especially exciting for me because you have to earn a previously ‘botched’ patient’s trust and confidence in order to perform their revision surgery,” says Motykie. “Approximately half of the cases I perform are revising other surgeons’ work. To be recognized for my ability to perform revision plastic surgery is an honor.” 

“No patient wants to have to go through with revision plastic surgery. I know the process can be intimidating,” adds Motykie. “I’m so grateful that I can be the surgeon that can help patients achieve the results they truly desired from their initial surgery.” 

Motykie is known for pioneering facial rejuvenation surgery and natural-appearing body enhancement surgery. “This year my team and I have narrowed in on promoting extraordinary outcomes by incorporating stem cells into the recovery process for patients. I believe stem cells make recovering from revision surgery easier on the patient.” 

Motykie recently joined TikTok, where he uploads videos about plastic surgery trends, speculates on celebrity plastic surgery, and discusses plastic surgery procedures. In less than one month, he has amassed more than 4 million views.

In addition to his California flagship location, Motykie owns a medical spa, Motykie Med Spa Barrington, in the northwest Chicago suburb of Barrington, Ill.