The eyebrow transplant—a treatment that was originally designed for burn victims and people with thinning eyebrows—is growing in popularity. Patients are beginning to seek hair- transplant procedures on eyebrows and even eyelashes, in a quest for perfectly-framed eyes.

“We have been doing a lot more eyebrow transplants in the past year and the people wanting the procedure seem to be much more ordinary people,” says Richard Rogers, MD, hair transplants specialist at Rogers Medical group. “They don’t require the transplant because they have alopecia but because they have overplucked their eyebrows in the past they now want fuller ones.”

According to Rogers, the procedure takes about 1 hour and requires taking hair from the back of the head and putting it in the eyebrow. Rogers says it does start off a bit coarser than normal eyebrow hair, but it “settles down” over time.

[news.independent.co.uk, November 26, 2006]