At the Plastic Surgery 2008 meeting held last week in Chicago, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported the results of its recent survey, in which 48% of women considering cosmetic surgery polled in October said they were less likely to schedule a consultation, up from 30% in March.

The ASPS reported that 59% of the 123 women polled in an online survey said the weak economy had an impact on their plans for plastic surgery. In a similar poll in March, 9% of those surveyed said the economy was impacting their cosmetic surgery plans.

Concurrently, US-based cosmetic surgeons are reporting an increase in smaller procedures, such as Botox and minor lifts and tucks, according to ASPS President-elect John W. Canady, MD. Plastic surgeons are seeing greater demand for such procedures because they cost less and take less time, Canady says.

[Source: ASPS]