While the economic climate may have turned people away from some areas of cosmetic surgery, procedures among minority groups are up, according to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Cosmetic procedures among ethnic groups increased 11% in 2008, with more than 3 million performed, while procedures among Caucasians dropped 2%. Hispanics, the nation’s largest and fastest growing ethnic group, represented the greatest growth at 18%.

"We’re seeing a rise in Hispanics opting for cosmetic procedures that coincides with the growth we’re seeing in the nation’s population," said ASPS President John Canady, MD. "Less social stigma, as well as, advances in procedures allow patients to maintain their ethnic look.  While the majority of patients continue to be Caucasian, the profile of the typical patient is changing."

Hispanics comprised 10 percent of the 12 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed in 2008, with nearly 1.3 million procedures; African Americans, up 10% from 2007, made up 8% with 910,000 procedures; and Asians, up 5%, accounted for 7% with 866,000 procedures.

The most commonly requested cosmetic minimally invasive procedures for all ethnic groups were Botox, injectable fillers, and chemical peels.

[Source: Original press release]