MedicalSpaMD on Saturday published an interesting Q&A about the practice of medicine in spas in California. Questions included the following:

"I've been approached by a nurse to be her "sponsoring physician" for her laser and Botox practice; would that be legal?" There's more to this answer than a simple "No."

Here's another: "I've been asked by a layperson to serve as "medical director" for a "medi-spa" that provides laser and other cosmetic medical services; would that be legal?" 

While we're on the subject, the MedicalSpaMD's discussion board is a good place to tap into some lively conversations, such as the thread titled "Titan vs. Fraxel vs. Co2 Laser Ablation vs. Erbium," in which a reader simply wanted advice on purchasing a fractional device.

What he got was a ton of opinions that are worth reading.