Skin Lightener

GlyMed Plus introduces Physician Elite Rx Hydrolaq 410 skin lightener, which impedes pigment production and controls hyperpigmentation disorders. It is excellent for all skin colors (SPT 1–6). The fast-acting 4% hy­dro­quinone–lactic acid formula reaches deep into the skin to interface with the longer- and thicker-branched dendrites of the melanocyte, interfering with color production that causes pigmentation.

For additional information, contact Advanced Aesthetics Inc, 235 N Main St, Spanish Fork, UT 84660; (800) 676-9667;

Hair-Removal Treatment

Aesthera introduces Photopneumatic™ (PPx) Therapy, which can remove hair from both legs and the back in less than 20 minutes. The therapy combines the effectiveness of light-based therapy with greater safety and the dual power of pneumatic energy and broadband light. It manipulates the skin’s optical characteristics, transmitting four to five times more energy to the target. PPx therapy requires no pretreatment procedures, numbing, or downtime.

For additional information, contact Aesthera, 6111F Southfront Rd, Livermore, CA 94550; (877) 275-4779;

Financing Program

CareCredit, a patient-financing program, offers Split Payment Processing. For practices that contract with multiple providers, such as anesthesiologists and surgical facilities, this option enables patients to finance the entire cosmetic surgery cost. CareCredit then distributes immediate payment to practices and their contracted providers—at no additional cost. Providers no longer have to pay merchant fees for anesthesiology and the surgical facility. CareCredit is endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

For additional information, contact CareCredit Inc, PO Box 1710, Costa Mesa, CA 92628-1710; (866) 247-3049;

Surgical Blade

MicroAire Surgical Instruments introduces the EpiCut V-shaped blade on a handle designed for de-epithelialization of tissue for breast reduction and tram flaps. The curved, sterile single-use blade helps reduce the potential of cutting into the dermis.

For more information, contact MicroAire Surgical Instruments, 1641 Edlich Dr, Charlottesville, VA 22911; (800) 722-0822;

Disposable Curettes

Brewer Curettes by DermTec®  are disposable plastic instruments that can be used in wound and burn centers to debride wound sites or in nursing homes to scrape bedsores. The ergonomically designed instruments are available in two sizes: single-sided 7.5-mm curettes and double-sided 3-mm/7-mm curettes. The design scrapes, but does not cut or gouge the skin, reducing trauma to healthy tissue. The curettes are made with biodegradable material.

For more information, contact Cosmed Inc, 3883 Rogers Bridge Rd, Suite 302-B, Duluth, GA 30097; (800) 826-4480.

Imaging Tool

Canfield Imaging Systems offers Visia, a photographic imaging tool for measurement and analysis of surface and subsurface facial skin conditions, now available in nine languages. The system captures multi-spectral photos of the face examining the complexion for wrinkles, spots, pores, evenness, and UV spots. It also grades the patient’s skin features relative to others of the same sex, age, and skin type, enabling professionals to develop targeted treatment programs.

For additional information, contact Can­field Imaging Systems, 253 Passaic Ave, Fairfield, NJ 07004; (800) 815-4330; www.

Hand- and Nail-Rejuvenation System

The Hand & Nail Clinic rejuvenation system by SkinSkin helps stop the “aging clock” for hands and nails. Hand Clinic safely softens lines and wrinkles, lightens age spots, and im­proves the hands’ brightness, tone, and texture.

The system consists of a three-step weekly peel, as well as a daily-use sun-and environmental block, and an over­night hand brightener. Nail Clinic combines Nail Strengthening Serum, a nourishing moisture seal, a hydrating polish remover, and a fortifying nail protector to promote the growth of stronger, smoother, and healthier nails.

For more information, contact SkinSkin Inc, 5757 Wilshire Blvd, Promenade 2, Los Angeles, CA 90036; (323) 904-4020;

Patient Brief

The RestoreTM brief by Medline Industries features Remedy Skin Repair Cream, which nourishes and protects the patients’ skin. The brief has 100% breathable side panels on the front and back, which allow improved airflow to keep patients comfortable and to prevent irritation. Refastenable tape tabs with “grab-anywhere” technology allow a good fit and reduce waste. Antileak cuffs help protect clothing and bedding, and a soft, clothlike outer cover is comfortable against the skin.

Remedy Skin Repair, which is applied to the entire length of the Restore brief, restores and maintains the skin’s natural balance while delivering vital nutrients. The cream is made with Olivamine, a proprietary blend of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and the pain inhibitor methylsulfonylmethane. The cream also includes dimethicone, which provides a breathable moisture barrier.

For additional information, contact Medline Industries Inc, 1 Medline Place, Mundelein, IL 60060; (800) MEDLINE;

In-Office Dispenser

DispenseQuick™ offers in-office prescription dispensing, in which patients receive unit-dose medication and easy-to-read instructions before they leave your office. DispenseQuick procedures are fast and easy, enabling any staff member to dispense medication without error. The process takes less than 1 minute, and your patient leaves your office with a full course of therapy that complies with federal and state guidelines. Patients no longer need to visit the local pharmacy, which in turn reduces the number of incoming pharmacy calls for verification and order changes.

For more information, contact DispenseQuick, 3000 W Warner Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704; (714) 437-0330;

Vein- and Lesion-Removal System

Edge Systems offers the Telangitron® for removing minor facial blemishes, such as spider veins and cherry angiomas, caused by aging and sun exposure. The Telangi­tron uses low-level, high-frequency direct current to coagulate the vessel, leaving no blistering or trauma.

The unit can also complement laser treatments. Some telangiectases resist laser treatment, but they respond to the Telangitron. When many veins need to be cleared with laser treatments, the Telangi­tron is effective for clearing the smaller veins and angiomas. As a result, laser treatments can be shorter, with less skin trauma.

For additional information, contact Edge Systems Corp, 2277 Redondo Ave, Signal Hill, CA 90755; (800) 603-4996,

Anesthetic Gel

ESBA Labs offers Topicaine® 4% and 5% topical anesthetic gel in child-resistant tubes. Topicaine 4% gel is translucent and non­oily, and it is specially formulated to penetrate skin to prevent and relieve pain caused by electrolysis, waxing, laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, and tattoo re­moval. Topicaine 5% gel promotes wound healing with aloe vera gel, bisabolol, and shea butter. It may also be used in the perianal area for hemorrhoidal pain.

For additional information, contact ESBA Labs Inc, 1001 Jupiter Park Dr, Suite 112, Jupiter, FL 33458; (800) 677-9299;

Color-Therapy Tool

Universal Companies offers Derm-A-Globe Therapy, a multipurpose tool that addresses specific goals, depending on how it is used—as color therapy, temperature therapy, or touch and movement therapy. It can be used to benefit patients based on the globe’s color. Warm colors are red and yellow; cold colors are blue, purple, and green. Each color achieves specific results when treating conditions related to weather and aging. The Derm-A-Globe Color Therapy Kit comes with 10 globes (two of each color) and detailed instructions for using the globes in face and body treatments.

When used warm, Derm-A-Globe energizes and stimulates tired skin, relieves sinus pressure and headaches, and soothes tender joints. When used cold, Derm-A-Globe reduces redness and inflammation, soothes skin irritations, tones aging skin, and minimizes facial pores. Touch and movement therapy treats specific conditions by controlling the pressure and movement of the globe.

For additional information, contact Universal Companies Inc, 18260 Oak Park Dr, Abingdon, VA 24210; (800) 558-5571; www.

Cellulite Treatment

Cynosure introduces the TriActive™ LaserDermologySM device, which can be used for treating cellulite, performing therapeutic laser massage, and tightening facial skin. TriActive may also be used with other facial laser treatments and liposuction. With TriActive, microcirculation is en­hanced, resulting in an improved skin tone and a healthy appearance.

For additional information, contact Cynosure Inc, 5 Carlisle Rd, Westford, MA  01886; (800) 886-2966;

Light Source

The ACULED™ (all-color ultrabright light-emitting diode) by PerkinElmer Opto­electronics is a high-powered light source that uses multichip-onboard technology. The ACULED is a compact, multiuse LED designed for use in mood lighting, vision systems, architectural lighting, and medical lighting.

For additional information, contact PerkinElmer Opto­electronics, 44370 Christy St, Fremont, CA 94538-3180; (800) 775-6786;

Infrared Handpiece

The LuxIR Fractional™ Infrared Handpiece by Palomar Medical Technologies is an attachment for the StarLux™ Pulsed Light and Laser System used for aesthetic treatments. The LuxIR provides deep heating and uses fractional technology to deliver light as a regular array of small beams into the deep dermis to create a lattice of affected areas surrounded by unaffected areas. As a result, the treatment is safer and healing time is faster. The three-stage contact cooling process (cooling before, during, and after each light pulse) ensures patient comfort.

For additional information, contact Palomar Medical Technologies, 82 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA 01803; (800) 725-6627;

Spider-Vein-Treatment System

The Angelicare™ spider-vein-treatment-system by Intromark treats spider veins in the comfort of the patient’s home. The system includes Angelicare Ultra Nutricreme, which contains essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are required to maintain healthy skin. It also contains emu oil to soothe the skin. and elastin and collagen to help firm the skin’s dermal and epidermal layers.

The system comes with the An­geli­care heat and massage skin stimulator for use on the target area. The heat helps the creme penetrate and stimulates blood flow. A guide to supplements, The Proper Way to Heal Thyself, is also included.

For additional information, contact Intromark Inc, 217 Ninth St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3506; (800) 851-6030;

Wound Dressing

AciesHealth offers Sen­si­plex CRL™ wound dressing, which is available with releasable wound-shear protection. Sensiplex CRL is a nonadherent ab­sorbent dressing that allows you to separate the absorbent pad from the wound-contact layer and transform the way you treat wounds. It minimizes trauma to the wound at dressing change, decreases shearing of epithelial tissue, prevents accidental debridement of healthy tissue, and minimizes wound-bed disturbance.

For additional information, contact AciesHealth Inc, 103 S Spring St, Bellefonte, PA 16823; (866) 550-5081;

Shine Control

Ferndale Laboratories offers OC Eight™ Mattifying Gel, which ensures even-toned, matte skin by controlling facial shine continuously for up to 8 hours. OC Eight guards against facial shine by imbibing oil as rapidly as it is produced; the oil is absorbed but not released. Formulated with Acrysorb™, a patented copolymer composed of special microparticles that can imbibe up to 6 times their own volume in facial sebum, OC Eight works on contact, leaving skin looking cleaner.

Alcohol-free and non-comedogenic, OC Eight is safe for all skin types and does not cause irritation. It also reduces the appearance of redness and minor blemishes associated with rosacea and helps maintain makeup through the day.

For additional information, contact Ferndale Laboratories Inc, 780 W Eight Mile Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220; (877) 352-6294;