Because of the high demand for body contouring and liposuction, plastic surgeons want equipment that will give their patients the best results. Thanks to improved technology, you can choose from a wide array of liposuction devices, as well as cannulae, canisters, and other instruments that are fast, quiet, and efficient. Take a look.

PSI Pharmaceutical Systems

PSI Pharmaceutical Systems Inc offers Medi-Vac® Guardian suction canisters, which are available in a variety of sizes for almost any suction procedure. The canisters feature an automatic overflow shutoff valve located inside the lid to help prevent cross-contamination of regulators and wall vacuum outlets. The canisters come with 90° adapters, which allow tubing to connect at right angles to prevent kinks that impede fluid flow.  Locking lids on the 1200-mL, 2000-mL, and 3000-mL sizes encourage proper disposal of collected wastes and enhance worker safety. Each case contains 40 canisters. Accessory and orthopedic ports are included.

For more information, contact PSI Pharmaceutical Systems Inc, 8240 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74137; (918) 298-8558;

Axiom Medical

Axiom Medical Inc introduces the Axiom® MinEvac™ Drain System for closed-wound suction procedures. The MinEvac is a small, disposable surgical drain system created specifically for delicate closed-wound suction applications, including skin-flap procedures, in which gentle suction is used to evacuate fluids and keep the skin flap down. The MinEvac is available in 7FR and 11FR, and it is made of soft, biocompatible silicone for patient comfort.

A ClotStop®-coated version of the MinEvac is also available. ClotStop is a hydrophilic, nonreactive coating that promotes normal healing, prevents clogging and tissue erosion, enhances easy removal, and does not use heparin.

For additional information, contact Axiom Medical Inc, 19320 S Van Ness Ave, Torrance, CA 90501-1103; (800) 221-8569;

Shippert Medical Technologies

The Phantom Aspirator by Shippert Medical Technologies Corp is a surgical liposuction device that allows simultaneous attachment of up to four collection-canister systems. The aspirator eliminates the need for canister changes during procedures. Three sizes and power ranges are available, and a wireless foot switch is included. The canisters and filters are not included.

For additional information, contact Shippert Medical Technologies Corp, 6248 S Troy Cir, Suite A, Centennial, CO 80111; (800) 888-8663;


The Medco Aspirator IV uses two dual-headed, positive-displacement pumps that relieve back pressure to allow each individual pump to suction the patient so that a deep vacuum is quickly reached and maintained. If one pump head malfunctions, the other three continue to function independently. The pumps are quiet and feature a 1-inch shock mount to eliminate vibration. A limited 5-year warranty covers all parts and labor.

For additional information, contact Medco, 8319 Thora, Suite A1, Spring, TX 77379; (800) 953-2555;

HK Surgical

The quiet HK Aspiration Pump by HK Surgical accommodates either flexible or heavy aspiration tubing and holds up to four Baxter canisters, eliminating the need for canister changes. The HK Aspiration Pump and the Klein Infiltration Pump are compatible and stackable, ideal for saving space in the operating room. HK Surgical also offers aspiration cannulae, including custom cannulae, and the patented Capistrano and Capistrano Plus Cannulae.

For additional information, contact HK Surgical, 1271 Puerta del Sol, San Clemente, CA 92673; (800) 909-0060;

Cosmetic Surgery Suppliers

A general-purpose aspirator, featuring two dual-head piston pumps, is available from Cosmetic Surgery Suppliers Inc. The two pumps allow the aspirator to quickly reach and maintain maximum deep vacuum. The aspirator case is fully lined with sound-dampening foam to provide quiet, vibration-free operation. All aspirators are available with a 5-year warranty on parts and labor. A full line of disposable canisters, liners, filters, and tubing for use with aspirators is also available.

For additional information, contact Cosmetic Surgery Suppliers Inc, 1316 Rockbridge Rd, Suite J, Stone Mountain, GA 30087; (800) 525-7752;

MicroAire Surgical Instruments

The Microaire PAL system, by Microaire Surgical Instruments, is a reciprocating cannula for lipoplasty. The PAL handpiece reciprocates 2 mm at 4,000 strokes per minute, facilitating the movement of the cannula through even fibrous tissue. The small 2-mm movement en­sures that the tip of the cannula is never out of the physician’s control. Users can choose from a handpiece that is powered by electricity or nitrogen; either handpiece, as well as the cable, can be steam autoclaved. The PAL system does not generate heat, so there is no danger of burns.

For additional information, contact Microaire Surgical Instruments, 1641 Edich Dr, Charlottesville, VA 22911; (434) 975-8000;

QualCare Medical

The Gomco 3020 mobile aspirator by QualCare Medical is a stand-mounted unit that offers easy-to-regulate suction for surgeries using a diaphragm pump. The stand includes 3-inch nonmarking casters, handy cord storage, a chemical-resistant stainless-steel top, glass or disposable plastic suction canisters, and hydrophobic bacteria filters to help prevent fluid and aerosol contamination. The suction systems are equipped with an easy-to-read gauge and a suction-regulating valve. The units also include illuminated on and off switches. The powerful 1¼8–horsepower motor creates vacuums up to 22 inches of mercury.

For additional information, contact Qual­Care Medical, 2645 Financial Ct, Suite F, San Diego, CA 92117; (858) 490-1711;

MD Resource

The LS2DP by MD Resource is a dual rotary-vane pump system for liposuction procedures. The LS2DP has a vertical design; its small footprint takes up only 15 square inches of floor space; and its flat top provides a space for the power cannulae console. Dual canister holders, along with a shelf for the tumescent pump and its bag hangers, are mounted on the IV pole.

The dual-port, dual-valve, dual-canister system enables the nurse to turn off the valve to the full canister and turn on the valve to the empty canister, avoiding last-second canister changes. The aspirator has an additional built-in hospital-grade outlet for ancillary equipment.

For additional information, contact MD Resource, 23392 Connecticut St, Hayward, CA 94545; (800) 633-8423;


LipoSelection™ is a new method for fat removal. According to the manufacturer, the device’s solid-grooved probe de­sign allows surgeons to target only fat, causing less trauma to the surrounding tissue. A variety of probe lengths enable more applications in difficult areas. In addition, Vaser’s® ultrasonic energy bounces off important structural tissue, leaving the collagen matrix intact. This system minimizes postoperative pain and bruising, allowing for rapid recovery.

For additional information, contact: LIPOSELECTION only by VASER, 357 S McCaslin Blvd, Suite 1000, Louisville, CO 80027; (888) 471-4777; (303) 926-8608;