_PSP08_2015_coverDear Editor:

I am an avid reader of PSP and have been so for a while, but like most readers, I have noticed a significant transformation since Denise Mann took over the editorial position, and I think it’s time for this change to be highlighted.

Indeed, one only needs to read the selection of articles in just the August edition alone to see how the breath of coverage concerning plastic surgery issues has evolved and expanded. For example, in the August issue there were timely articles on cutting-edge topics such as Kybella and telemedicine, a very educational article by Drs Epstein and Kuka on the diagnosis and treatment of female hair loss, and informational articles on wrongful termination claims and credit card processing problems. This variety of in-depth, thorough, and usable (now) information is rare in journals and magazines associated with plastic surgery, especially one with a firm focus on articles that are honest, relevant, and sometimes provocative—what other editor had the courage to allow the issues with the Lifestyle Lift be presented on their watch?

This honesty and clarity of vision can be read firsthand in her own article in the August edition, titled “Can You Relate?” The article rings true and typifies her vision and ideals as an editor, person, and mother, and our profession of plastic surgery is certainly better off for having someone like Denise Mann at the helm of a journal like PSP.

Thank you,

Timothy R. Miller, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery

Aliso Viejo, Calif

PS: I want to thank Plastic Surgery Practice and, in particular, Denise Mann for highlighting my new office and surgical practice in the August 2015 edition. I am truly grateful for this honor.