Allurion Technologies announces two major milestones for its Allurion Weight Loss Program with the completion of a 1 million pound challenge launched just last year and the launch of a 5 million pound challenge in celebration of World Obesity Day.

The Allurion Weight Loss Program features the Elipse Gastric Balloon—a procedureless medical device for weight loss—and the Allurion Virtual Care Suite of wearables and telehealth and AI-powered software that provide real-time insights to both patients and providers. In clinical trials, the Allurion Program leads to approximately 30 pounds (15 kilograms) of weight loss in just 4 months, the company notes in a media release.

“We are proud to announce the completion of our 1 million pound challenge, especially in a year where the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantines have led to weight gain and underscored the health risks posed by obesity. On World Obesity Day, we celebrate the lives we have transformed with the Allurion Program and embark on a new, bold challenge for our company in the years ahead.”

— Shantanu Gaur, MD, co-founder and CEO of Allurion Technologies Inc

“The Allurion Program provides a proven, comprehensive weight loss solution that is less invasive than the alternatives. The tools and analytics given to providers work hand-in-hand with the Elipse Balloon, allow us to achieve life-changing results in our patients, and enable us to do our part to make an impact on the global pandemic of obesity.”

— Simon Monkhouse FRCS, Consultant Upper GI & Bariatric Surgeon at Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

[Source(s): Allurion Technologies, Business Wire]