The National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/ Distributors, and   Associations (NCEA) secured the use of the National Esthetician 2nd Tier test for use in the NCEA aesthetician certification that will be launched early in 2007.

“The endorsement of the NCEA’s aesthetician certification by the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology gives aesthetician-licensing boards the opportunity to recognize the NCEA certification in their state,” says Susanne S. Warfield, executive director of the NCEA. “Once a state board votes to recognize NCEA’s Certified Estheticians in their state, then other states may follow.

The NCEA certification is the first true certification for the skin care industry and will provide a tool to state boards to help bolster NCEA’s efforts in raising the standards of estheticians in this country.

NCEA will protect aestheticians’ rights to practice by:

•addressing current issues that impact a practice’s income;

•representing aestheticians’ interests at the state regulatory level;

•developing professional and education guidelines;

•and strengthening their voice in the industry.

[NCEA, August 28, 2007]