A new report suggests that patients are seeking out plastic surgeons who offer modern experiences at the doctor’s office, with factors such as timeliness, friendliness of staff, and use of modern digital tools playing roles in shaping the experiences. In the ModMed ‘What Patients Really Think’ report, patients polled indicated that doctors’ offices are given, on average, four chances to make a good impression, and nine in 10 place importance on their doctor using the latest technology.

According to the study, 60% of patients are likely to select one doctor over another if able to make appointments online. Additionally, 69% of patients surveyed agree that it is important for a doctor’s office to have the ability to set up text reminders for all appointments through an online portal or mobile app.

The ModMed patient engagement tools help plastic surgeons meet the needs of today’s connected patients. With a mobile app experience that integrates SMS online scheduling, telehealth visits, online payments, before-and-after images, and more, ModMed continues to be a leader in modernizing the digital patient experience.

Practices are seeing tangible benefits from adopting these touchpoints. “I looked at several EHR systems over the years, and what stood out about EMA was that it was an easy-to-navigate, plastic-surgery-specific, iPad-compatible application,” says Gregory A. Greco, DO, FACS, of Monmouth Plastic Surgery. “The portability of the cloud-based platform and the capability of ePrescribing have been the biggest benefits.”

P. Daniel Ward, MD, of Ward MD Facial Plastic Surgery and Form Spa in Salt Lake City, comments: “If patients spend 10 minutes checking in followed by 20 minutes of paperwork, it’s not enjoyable for them. With ModMed’s patient mobile app, patients can enter all their information ahead of the visit. In addition, we can communicate via the app. It’s a smooth process, and patients feel that they have better access to us, which we believe optimizes their experience.”

At this year’s Plastic Surgery: The Meeting, ModMed will showcase its latest patient engagement tools and other solutions that are helping plastic surgeons offer patients a more modern experience, including:

A Modern Online Presence

With 69% of patients having indicated they place importance on the availability of a modern-looking website, it is not only online reviews that providers should consider. The full ModMed AMP solution includes digital marketing, website design and management, and e-commerce that work together with reputation management to enhance the digital footprint for practices.

Patients Engagement Tools

More than half (54%) of patients strongly agree that their doctor seems more attentive since introducing new technology to their office. Whether offering online scheduling, using an iPad in the exam room, or sending surveys following an appointment, modern technology can deliver greater convenience and make an impact. ModMed Patient Engagement tools connect with ModMed Practice Management to help deliver a frictionless experience to patients.

Quoting Tool

The ModMed quoting tool provides patients with a PDF of estimated charges for specific services and procedures, cosmetic or insurance-based, and tracks which quotes translate to actual charges. Additionally, the quoting tool allows patients to add custom discounts and save their favorite quotes.

Package Management

Package Management enables practices to create, sell, and keep track of services offered as part of a package. When a patient receives a packaged service during a visit, the package management tool will automatically track how many treatments are remaining, add package expiration dates, and apply additional discounts at the time of purchase.