Cynosure, a medical aesthetic treatment systems provider, has partnered with LaserAway, an aesthetic dermatology provider, to expand access to the Potenza RF Microneedling system across all LaserAway locations nationwide.

This partnership allows LaserAway to offer RF Microneedling to many patients across the United States. Potenza, a four-mode RF microneedling device, gives clinicians more customization options and advances RF microneedling technology, advocates say.

“The expansion of this partnership with LaserAway signifies a leap forward in redefining accessible, anti-aging aesthetic treatments,” says Nadav Tomer, CEO of Cynosure. “We are honored and excited to have this partnership move to the next level. Potenza is designed to be exceptionally flexible; catering to all skin types, anywhere on the body at any time of year.”

Potenza’s core treatment combines ultrafine needles and radiofrequency energy to provide shallow and deep treatments, stimulating natural collagen and elastin production for tighter, firmer skin through soft-tissue coagulation. The results are typically noticeable four to six weeks after treatment, with optimal results around 12 weeks after the last treatment.

“LaserAway is committed to offering our clients the latest advancements in aesthetics and offering Potenza fulfills that promise,” says Scott Heckman, CEO of LaserAway. “Cynosure is aligned with our passion for innovation and providing unmatched solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.”