Joel Schlessinger, MD, a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in Omaha, Nebraska,

recounts that early on in his career, there wasn’t a variety of skin care products to find in store and pharmacy. As the skin care product space grew, it has become increasingly more challenging to address a patient’s skin care needs because there is so much noise in the area and almost everybody comes in with a horror story.

“Typical things that we see are breakouts, allergic reaction, and irritants,” he said. “Additionally, they’ve all been burnt by the informercials and skincare products that promised them to have great skin within as many days and all that they got was a recurring monthly charge on their credit card.”

The patients that come into the office with these problems are looking for better options. “This is why Jan Marini is needed,” he said. “It comes down to looking for a product that that shows efficacy for what it is designed to do without unnecessary ingredients that are potentially going to cause reactions.”

Partnering with leading skin care brand Jan Marini Skin Research offers numerous benefits for aesthetic practices. Their extensive range of skincare products allows providers to address multiple concerns and adapt to the changing needs of their patients—from acne, to pigmentation, to aging.

Not only does Jan Marini a wide breadth of products, but their products consistently get the best results, as proven by peer-reviewed studies in medical journals. This results-focused approach to treating skincare allows their reseller practices to offer patients solutions for the long term as their skin changes and they have different needs.

Sherrif F. Ibrahim, MD, PhD, owner of Rochester Dermatologic Surgery, first got involved with the company as part of a research study and says that his interactions with Jan Marini’s company and products have all been positive. He appreciates the science-driven philosophy because it provides results for the patients and enhances their overall experience.

“Jan Marini has a wide range of products but they really focus on the science and outcome as opposed to just being sales-driven,” he said.

Brian Biesman, MD, a plastic surgeon in Nashville, TN, also has worked closely with Jan Marini.

“They’ve been open to scientific input on how to test products, and they are innovative in the way they’ve thought about some of their products,” he said. “Their approach to using topical products in combination with devices to get enhanced outcomes is innovative, and I give them a lot of respect for that.”

By offering Jan Marini skincare products as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, providers can establish trust with their patients and provide value that extends beyond traditional treatments. By offering these bundled solutions, practices can increase customer lifetime value and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Jan Marini Skin Research understands that in today’s growing and booming aesthetic industry, practices need more than just top-tier products for business growth and success. They need business skills, too.

They can find all the support and resources they need to run a successful business through their partnership with Jan Marini. The company provides strategies and tools for businesses to succeed, such as marketing assistance and e-commerce capabilities. With Jan Marini’s support, practices learn to generate additional revenue streams and create a sustainable practice that goes beyond offering services alone.

Retail skincare also provides the opportunity to establish passive income streams, breaking free from solely trading time for money and creating long-term financial stability.

“There’s only so many hours in the day, so as a service provider, there has to be other assets within your practice for you to utilize to generate revenue that isn’t just requiring your hands on your patients,” said Kaeli Lindholm, Founder and CEO of KLC Consulting, a leadership coaching company that teaches aesthetic practice owners how to grow their business. “By partnering with Jan Marini, you can make your practice profitable when you’re not even there.”

Transform Your Practice: Insights from Awaken Aesthetics

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Patient Loyalty through Personalized Care

At the intersection of surgical precision and luxurious skincare lies a powerful tool for fostering patient loyalty: personalization. By offering a tailored selection of skincare products, plastic surgeons demonstrate an understanding of their patients’ unique needs and desires.

This personalized approach not only helps patients feel understood and valued but also creates a sense of trust in the surgeon’s expertise. The American Med Spa Association emphasizes the importance of offering skincare products that are exclusive to the medical setting, further distinguishing the practice from ordinary retail outlets.

The Power of Skincare Education

The allure of expertise and knowledge cannot be underestimated when it comes to skincare. By educating patients on the science behind their chosen products, plastic surgeons empower them to make informed decisions about their own care. This, in turn, promotes long-term patient satisfaction and overall success for the practice.

The American Med Spa Association suggests that offering skincare consultations, workshops, or seminars can help bolster patient loyalty and satisfaction. By transforming their practices into skincare sanctuaries that combine education with high-quality products, plastic surgeons set themselves apart in a competitive industry.

The Skincare Renaissance in Plastic Surgery

Retail skincare products play an essential role in the modern plastic surgeon’s practice. This savvy fusion of science and luxury offers patients comprehensive care that extends beyond the operating table, fostering patient loyalty and generating additional revenue. By embracing the artful science of skincare, plastic surgeons are poised to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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