The marketing automation service platform from eRelevance now has two new enhancements, according to the company.

The first is Smart Offers, which according to eRelevance is designed to automatically collect and analyze customer interactions across all of eRelevance’s customer campaigns, determine the top-performing offers, and give clients data-informed recommendations that will drive the best conversion and overall results.

This data can then help marketers execute customized, targeted campaigns using the offers.

The second option is the addition of Instagram to the multiple channels that eRelevance uses in its campaigns. These channels also include email, SMS, web landing pages, a conversational smartphone app, push notifications, and targeted Facebook ads.

“With the addition of Smart Offers and Instagram, we’re making it easy for small businesses to reach more customers with promotions that are proven to deliver results,” says eRelevance CEO and co-founder Bob Fabbio, in a media release from Austin, Tex-based eRelevance.

“Small businesses now have access to powerful data intelligence and multi-channel creative execution from marketing experts,” Fabbio adds. “This is a game-changer because this market can finally benefit from the highly sophisticated marketing previously only available to enterprise-level businesses at a price they can afford.”

[Source: eRelevance]