Athenix Body Sculpting Institute, an aesthetic plastic surgery center on the west coast, announced it will be bringing back its #AthenixGivesBack campaign, a program that donates cosmetic surgery services to deserving individuals who have impacted the lives of others, this year. The call for submissions will be announced later this year via Athenix’s Instagram account @athenixbody.

Each year, #AthenixGivesBack donates its services to inspirational women who have overcome all odds to achieve their goals. Now in its fourth year, #AthenixGivesBack receives tens of thousands of nominations every year, each one representing a story of resilience and grit. Renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon and Chief Medical Officer of Athenix, Dr Gavin Dry, oversees all donated services and procedures for the #AthenixGivesBack program.

“Our #AthenixGivesBack campaign is our way of celebrating stories of persistence and resolve,” says Athenix Body Sculpting Institute CEO James Haefner. “By highlighting these incredible women and their stories, our goal is to empower other women to take control of their wellness journeys and improve their quality of life.”

The recipient of #AthenixGivesBack in 2021 was Melissa Ross, a British Columbia-based woman who was diagnosed with melanoma cancer a few years ago. Her diagnosis inspired her to kickstart her wellness journey, travel the world, volunteer for causes she’s passionate about, and ultimately, live life to the fullest.

“For so long, I hid my weight loss because I had a lot of feelings of embarrassment around my body,” says Ross, who lost over 100 lbs and is electing to undergo a 360-degree tummy tuck to remove loose skin. “My cancer diagnosis taught me how important it is to live fully and happily, and I don’t want this excess skin to get in the way of that. I have always wanted to have a normal body, but an extraordinary life—and that’s what Athenix is generously offering me.”

To be considered for #AthenixGivesBack, Athenix requires individuals to nominate candidates they believe are deserving of the donation. Once a recipient is identified, Athenix donates services to both the nominator and the nominee.

Athenix has five locations in Washington, Portland and California. 

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