Here’s an interesting perspective on what it takes for a physician to understand your demographic and how that information can help you market your practice. If Marketing’s blog calls it [removed]Demographics and Buying Habits: 3 Myths Deconstructed[/removed]:

Boomers actually spend more time and money online than any other generation. People in this generation falling between ages 47-55 spend an average of 40 hours online every week. Those ages 56-65 only slightly fall short at 36 hour per week.

Remember this is the generation that saw the advent of the television, computer, and mobile marketing. They may actually be your most adaptive and tech savvy generation. While this generation may discover digital trends a little later than your Generation Y patients, they flock to them at more rapid paces. Women over the age of 55 are actually the fasting growing segment on Facebook as of 2011. Users ages 35-49 are the fastest growing segment on Twitter.

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