It’s Monday morning review time, a good opportunity for me to plow through a backlog of news and other types of stories that I’ve bookmarked but haven’t gotten around to write-up for this blog.

Barry Eppley’s plastic surgery blog continues to impress me. He writes to educate the public and also bring up technical issues that appeal to physicians. One of his latest blog entries covers Ankyloglossia – Frenuloplasty Plastic Surgery Repair.

When it comes to anti-plastic surgery nutjobs, such as Ilena Rosenthal and her small set of minions (see here, here, here, and here) and the hyperbolic ambulance chasers at Injury Board, I know some readers who become incensed at their predilection for slinging the mud, disseminating misinformation, and general caterwauling. These “rogue sites,” though, have their usefulness. Reading their conspiracy theories, you can predict the direction the ambulance chasers will take next. This is good for recognizing the mindset of moonbats before they come to you looking for aesthetic procedures.

Speaking of wacky news, a new product claims to perform a tummy tuck using only a special cream called Rodial’s Tummy Tuck. From Plasmetic (hat tip to Phoebe):

Surgery is not the only option for people considering a tummy tuck or a breast job. A revolutionary new product, backed by aggressive marketing, clams to provide just that in a non invasive manner. Rodial’s Tummy Tuck is a miracle cream that can be applied to the midriff and the effect is apparently similar to undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. However, dermatologists and weight loss experts have laughed it off as an embarrassment to intelligent people.

Read it all.

In Laser Lipo — One Lump, or Two?, Paula Young performs a valuable service in reviewing the myriad online postings from patients who have described their plastic surgery experiences. She regularly reads through various self-help forums in order to understand the effects of various procedures on patients.

Pumping parties, in which individuals meet privately and take turns injecting themselves with silicone and other substances in order to enhance their beauty, are becoming all the rage, according to a recent article in The New York Times.