Weave, an all-in-one customer experience platform for small and medium-sized healthcare practices, today announced the launch of Email Assistant, its second AI-driven engagement product. The company’s first AI-driven feature, Response Assistant, launched in May and focuses on customer reviews.

Now available to its 27,000+ customers, Weave’s AI-driven Email Assistant reportedly provides an innovative way for healthcare providers to communicate and connect with their patients and clients. Users input the themes that need to be covered in the email and the Weave Email Assistant will generate the email text in a matter of seconds, according to the company. The email text can then be edited before sending. As the company puts it, this tool allows healthcare providers to quickly create, personalize, and automate email marketing campaigns, resulting in improved patient engagement and retention, a higher patient growth rate, and increased awareness of services offered by a practice. 

“With digital marketing becoming an essential part of running a healthcare business, it’s important to provide simple and effective AI-driven solutions to our customers,” said Branden Neish, chief product and technology officer at Weave. “With Email Assistant, we reduce both the time requirement and anxiety often associated with creating an email marketing campaign. By harnessing the power of AI, we aim to empower healthcare providers to deliver exceptional patient experiences that drive patient loyalty and business growth.”

According to Weave, email marketing is an essential and often overlooked marketing avenue. The company cites a study from HubSpot, email marketing generates, on average, $36 of new business for every $1 spent, and 59% of consumers say that email marketing campaigns influence their purchasing decisions.