Lutronic Inc has received regulatory clearance from the U.S. FDA for its eCO2 laser system.

Using proprietary Controlled Chaos Technology (CCT), the fractional CO2 laser treats deep ablative indications, such as resurfacing and coagulation of soft tissue, textural irregularities, fine lines, pigmented lesions, vascular dyschromia, and rhytides.

"The eCO2 is a familiar wavelength in an extremely elegant and versatile package, with the ability to perform incisional surgery, traditional ablative resurfacing, and ablative microfractional photothermolysis," says J. David Holcomb, MD, immediate past president of the Florida Society of Facial Plastic Surgeons.

The laser combines two operational modes in one delivery system, which is important when deep penetration and greater patient comfort is required. With static and dynamic operation modes, users have the capability to stamp up to a 14 x 14mm scan area as well as the option to “feather” the treatment area to reduce the “checkerboard” appearance that is common with currently available fractional CO2 devices.

In addition, at a 120 micron spot size, initial biopsy studies indicate that the laser can penetrate as deep as 2.4mm into the dermis.

”We are seeing long-lasting and consistent results after just one treatment with the eCO2 system," says Jhung Won Hwang, PhD, Sr. director, Regulatory Affairs, Lutronic Inc. "Preliminary results show that patients may not need a follow-up treatment."

[Lutronic, July 10, 2008]