More and more consumers are seeking out medical-grade aesthetic procedures, which translates into continued growth in the med spa industry. With this growth, med spa professionals are constantly looking for tools to better connect with and educate patients during consults. Two new products on the market are the AI Face Reshape and AI Skin Analysis tools from Perfect Corp, an artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider. Both tools are designed for med spa professionals to provide patients with visuals for end results of a particular procedure. The technology shows patients what they will look like before committing to the procedure. 

To learn more, Plastic Surgery Practice spoke to Alice Chang, CEO and founder of Perfect Corp. 

Plastic Surgery Practice: With many plastic surgery practices offering med spa services either within their practice or in a stand-alone location, what type of technology does Perfect Corp. offer med spas like these?

Alice Chang: Perfect Corp’s new AI Face Reshape technology is bringing a high touch experience to med spas, aestheticians, and beauticians. This technology allows providers to offer a series of previewed cosmetic treatment results through advanced AI technology. Professionals can leverage this technology as a tool for in-depth client consultations, providing clients with visual representations of a treatment in real-time. This technology acts as an excellent conversation starter for patients and providers and ultimately helps patients make more informed decisions when considering a procedure. 

Perfect Corp’s new AI Skin Diagnostic technology is also helping dermatologists and medical spa  professionals provide precise consultations and skin analysis. This technology is HIPPA-compliant and able to analyze the skin in seconds to identify 14 major concerns including wrinkles, redness, skin firmness, radiance, and acne. Additionally, in a new report by Dr Steven R. Feldman, professor of dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine, the technology was confirmed to be highly effective for evaluating skin characteristics in dermatology practice and medical spa settings. The report confirmed that Perfect Corp’s AI Skin Technology is as effective as physician assessments and skin imaging booths in accurately identifying core skin concerns in patients.

PSP: At the heart of your technology is artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Can you talk about how this technology lends itself to patient consults within a med spa?

Chang: Perfect Corp’s AI-powered solutions allow providers to deliver more impactful and valuable client consultations. These solutions help providers start conversations with patients about potential treatments and procedures. These innovations will reshape the future of cosmetic procedures by allowing professionals to boost client confidence and establish more trusted relationships. The ease of use and efficacy associated with Perfect Corp’s AI Face Reshape and AI Skin Analysis solutions are sure to drive positive impact for both businesses and consumers, delivering a more satisfying and fulfilling client journey that instills confidence and builds on stronger connections. 

PSP: How can med spas in plastic surgery practices utilize your AI Face Reshape Simulator?

Chang: Medical spa providers can use the AI Face Reshape Simulator as a tool to enhance client consultations. The solution will allow providers to create a more impactful patient experience. The tool will allow professionals to confidently walk patients through the process by providing AI visuals to accompany their conversations. 

PSP: As the AI Face Reshape tool can be used to show before and afters for eyebrow and eyelid lifts as well as jaw and nose reshaping, can this be a tool that can be used within the larger plastic surgery practice?

Chang: At this time, the AI Face Reshape tool is intended for use in casual consultations for non-surgical procedures.

PSP: What is the AI Face Reshape Simulator workflow? 

Chang: AI technology is quickly transforming the way businesses operate, and it has the potential to create more modern and seamless consumer experiences across industries. In the skincare and medical spa industries, Perfect Corp’s AI Skin Diagnostic solution is significantly improving the patient experience and offering providers a quick, precise, and cost-effective way to treat patients. In a recent study out of Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Perfect Corp’s AI Skin Diagnostic solution was proven to provide skin analysis results 20x faster than popular hardware devices commonly used in medical spa settings. The AI Skin Diagnostic software also provides medical spas with a cost-effective alternative to the skin analysis hardware devices often used in medical spa settings. Skin analysis hardware devices are frequently used for skin analysis in medical spa settings, but they often consist of bulky equipment and can be costly to operate. AI Skin Diagnostic technology provides medical spas with a seamless solution that can be accessed easily from a tablet in the patient’s hand.  

PSP: As for your AI Skin Analysis tool, how can med spas best utilize this?

Chang: Med spas can best utilize this tool during the consultation process. The technology instantly analyzes the patient’s skin to identify core skin concerns and issues. With this information, med spa providers can recommend a personalized skin care regimen to address patient skin concerns and increase customer satisfaction.  The patient can also use the AI Skin Diagnostic to simulate improvements to their skin over time and track their skin’s progress when using a specific product regimen.  

PSP: How can plastic surgeons use your tools as part of their marketing efforts?

Chang: Perfect Corp’s AI Face Reshape solution provides AI previews of cosmetic treatment results. This provides professionals with a seamless and engaging way to build patient trust, and educate patients on procedures. 

PSP: What kind of training do you offer users?

Chang: Perfect Corp’s AI solutions including the AI Face Reshape technology and AI Skin Diagnostic are intuitive software solutions, providing medical spas with a seamless, easy way to generate results in seconds. The advanced technologies do not require special equipment or training to use, and are driving digital transformation across the industry. PSP