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Table of Contents

More Than Meets the Eyes: Emilio M. Justo, MD

A Blend of Art, Science, and Business: Malcolm D. Paul, MD, FACS

Redefining Aesthetic Guidelines: Christian G. Drehsen, MD

The Personal Touch: Gregory Laurence, MD, FAACP, BC ABFP

The Art of Rejuvenation: Lewis J. Obi, MD, FRSA

Transforming Lives with Nurturing Care: Stephen A. Schantz, MD

Cosmetic Focus and an Emphasis on Education: Christopher Saunders, MD

A Trusted Expert: Christopher R. Cote, MD

A Patient-Oriented Culture: Mishail A. Shapiro, DO, FOCOO-HNS

The Training of an Expert: Michelle Ehrlich, MD

Melding Aesthetics and Gynecology: Marco Pelosi II, MD, and Marco Pelosi III, MD

A Perfect Partnership: Carla Retief, MD, and Michael Stephanides, MD

Creating Art in Motion: Michael Kluska, DO, FAACS, FACOS

Cosmetic Surgery Trending Up: Mark Youssef, MD


Plastic Surgery Practice’s Best of 2012 Program Panel

The editors of Plastic Surgery Practice extend our appreciation to the following individuals for their assistance in the Best of 2012 review process. We are extremely grateful for their time, keen insights, and willingness to communicate and coordinate with interspecialty colleagues to fully vet the 2012 nominees. We couldn’t have done it without your help and guidance!

  • Joe Niamtu III, DMD, Cosmetic Facial Surgery, Richmond, Virginia
  • Wendy Lewis, President, Wendy Lewis & Co Limited Global Aesthetics Consultancy, New York, New York

A special thanks to this year’s terrific writing team, including Amy Di Leo and Dorene Kaplan, both of whom were severely affected by Hurricane Sandy. This issue would not have been possible without their Herculean efforts. We wish you both a speedy return to normalcy.