Aforé healthy aging skincare line products are created to enhance Dr Few’s in-office clinical care and treatments that focus on natural beauty.

Aforé by Dr Few, a clinically developed skin care range founded on Dr Julius Few’s Four Dimensional Beauty approach, has launched three new products to the healthy aging skincare line. 

As one of Chicago’s top plastic surgeons and Gwyneth Paltrow’s trusted go-to advisor on skincare matters, Few’s approach focuses on enhancing each individual’s natural beauty. According to the company, Aforé products are designed to restore skin to a state of “before” signs of aging, sun damage and environmental exposure become visible.

With this in mind, Few created three new products, including Aforé’s first-ever masks and facial oil. 

  • Aforé Lactic Acid Pumpkin Mask: Is formulated to gently exfoliate the skin to improve the appearance of fine lines, age spots, freckles and rough skin. It minimizes pore size and other skin imperfections while stimulating the production of new, healthy cells with a combination of aloe vera, pumpkin enzymes and pumpkin pulp extract.
  • Aforé Collagen Mask: A treatment created to nourish normal to dry skin. Nutrient rich native collagen, vitamins and natural oils help to increase the skin’s moisture level to prevent early appearance of wrinkles and help the skin breathe easily during the cell renewal process.
  • Aforé Hydrating Facial Oil: Jojoba seed oil, sunflower oil, argan oil and rose hip oil blend with green tea and essential oils of yiang yiang, bergamot and cedarwood are included in the ingredients to stimulate the senses and energize skin. This botanical antioxidant facial oil is designed to help reduce the appearance of fatigue for skin that looks fresh and healthy all day.

“We created products to enhance our in-office clinical care and treatments,” says Few. “Our Pumpkin Mask and Collagen Mask help to maintain and prolong results at home with concentrated ingredients designed to both exfoliate and nourish skin. The Facial Oil provides intense antioxidant support and hydrates with our exclusive blend of botanicals.”

[Source: Kelz Media]