As the world of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments continues to grow and evolve, medical professionals and practitioners must keep up with the latest trends and advancements to maintain a competitive edge. The introduction of innovative product lines such as the Marini Peel System offers an exceptional opportunity for practices to expand their reach and attract a diverse clientele seeking cutting-edge solutions for their skincare needs. This comprehensive case study dives into the impressive results of incorporating the Marini Peel System into a flourishing plastic surgery practice, showcasing the transformative potential of embracing new treatments for both patients and providers alike.

STUDY INTENT: This prospective study evaluates the efficacy of the Marini Peel System in conjunction with an integrated homecare solution on improving the visible signs of photo-aging, including hyperpigmentation, fine laines and wrinkles, texture and overall skin quality.

STUDY POPULATION: 11 subjects ages 28-73 with moderate photo-aging and hyperpigmentation

PRODUCTS USED: Marini Peel System: Transform Peel, Marini BioShield Rapid Recovery Complex, Skin Care Management System™ and Age Intervention® Retinol Plus by Jan Marini Skin Research.

STUDY DESIGN: This was a 15 week study with photgraphic assessment at baseline and 1 month post final peel. Three peels were performed on a 4-week interval starting on week 3. Homecare products were integrated at baseline, 3 weeks prior to first peel, and used for the duration of the study. The study concluded on week 15, 4 weeks after the final peel. Homecare products were suspended the day of treatment and reintegrated 3-7 days post-peel, as tolerated. Marini BioShield and included sunscreen were used exclusively during the immediate recovery period.

by Brian Biesman, MD & Tammy Holton, RN | Nashville TN

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