Skin Resource.MD, a therapeutic line of skincare products created by board-certified dermatologists and based in San Diego, announces the reformulation and repackaging of Tea Tree Deep Clearing Cleanser (formerly Pore-Clearing Cleanser) and the resizing of the fan-favorite, Baobab Skin Correction Facial Cream after supplies were completely depleted.

The improved Tea Tree Deep Clearing Cleanser utilizes the same natural compounds, but with increased concentrations to optimize product effectiveness. These ingredients include tea tree oil and willow bark, the natural source of salicylic acid, to clean deep within pores and reduce inflammation. The optimized formula also includes an increased concentration of peppermint oil, to soothe and cleanse the skin, and sage leaf extract. Sage leaf extract contains Vitamin A and calcium which fight free radicals while preventing inflammation. It comes in an 8.45 fl oz bottle.

The Baobab Skin Correction Facial Cream utilizes the oil pressed from the baobab seed as the key ingredient and has returned to the shelves in environmentally-friendly packaging after a 3-month wait. The move to repackage the best-selling correction cream occurred after the product sold out entirely and is an effort to reduce the overall environmental footprint of the product.

The baobab oil used in the skin cream contains high concentrations of Vitamins A, D, E, and F and fatty acids which are known for their ability to rejuvenate the skin, lessen the signs of aging, brighten skin, and help reverse sun damage. Baobab Skin Correction Facial Cream also addresses multiple specialty skin issues, including melasma, uneven skin tone, acne scars, and eczema.

The resized bottle contains 2.5 fl oz, .8 fl oz more than its predecessor. It is recommended to be used twice per day.

A portion of these sales supports vulnerable communities via the International Medical Corps, who is providing expertise, equipment, training and triage services in response to COVID-19 all over the world.

“Skin Resource.MD started because we wanted to democratize excellent skincare,” says Paul B. Dean, MD, MPH, FAAD, founder of Skin ResourceMD, in a media release. “It is important to us to continually update and optimize our products based on the current science and practice of dermatology to provide our patients and customers the best products at the best price.”

Dean, along with Christopher V. Crosby, MD, PhD, FAAD, created the products to provide effective and gentle products with high antioxidants to the skin care regimen for their patients at the Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic in San Diego. Both products can be used together to combat oily skin, blemishes and acne scars. Like all Skin Resource.MD products, the correction facial cream and cleanser are fragrance-free and have had no animal testing.

These new products supplement the brand’s selection of therapeutic skincare products that include moisturizers, cleansers, serums, sunscreens and exfoliants. The brand also offers products specifically formulated for particular conditions as well as kits intended for use following medical procedures.

For more information, visit Skin Resource.MD.

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