Since 2020, the number of aesthetic procedures in the U.S. has grown exponentially, with surgical enhancements surging 54%, year-over-year, in 2021. But is the so-called “Hollywood” aesthetic driving demand? Forbes investigates. 

Many have hailed Hollywood as the ultimate propeller of the cosmetic surgery industry. This is because Hollywood has been the hallmark for setting beauty standards on screen and off the screen. The fact that a good number of celebrities have resorted to cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks, was always going to reflect in the number of people who would tow the same path. One benefit of this movement is the gradual erosion of the stigma that has often trailed cosmetic surgeries.

Dr. Ali Esmail, a renowned fellowship-trained facial plastic reconstruction surgeon in the fields of rhinoplasty, forehead reduction, face, and neck lift, suggests that the cosmetic surgery industry has gained more popularity due to the significant rate of societal acceptance of the procedures.

He said: “It is not uncommon for people to come in trying to get what some celebrity got. However, we consider these procedures from a holistic point of view and try to guide our patients to understand what outcome they are trying to achieve and not what specific procedure they want.”

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