Beauty care has been an important facet of human life since the dawn of civilisation but now everybody seems to be a moving dictionary on alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), free radicals (extremely damaging), chemical peels, UV rays, melanin blocks, retinols, Vitamin C and so on. Constant scientific research is promising newer chapters to the beauty story. Now there is a new tribe called skin aestheticians, who literally get under your skin and help you fight the damaging effects of time and elements.

“In the last decade, dermatology has seen many rapid strides. From a field that had very less relevance for the general masses to a sought-after speciality for most individuals, dermatology has come a long way. The chief reason has been the advancements made in dermatology in the field of aesthetics, fuelled by the people’s desire to remain young and beautiful. This shift in perception about dermatology is the most important advancement,” said Dr Latika Arya, one of the renowned practitioners in the city.

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