For many millennials who grew up on social media, there’s no longer a stigma associated with plastic surgery. An enhanced appearance is something to be shown off to friends, and there’s no shame in ’fessing up to going under the knife.

“Younger people want plastic surgery now,” says 20-year-old Christina Pappas, who had breast-augmentation surgery and lip injections a year ago. The East Meadow, LI, resident, who owns her own organic airbrush-tanning salon, cites Kylie Jenner for making lip injections so haute. “[She] changed everything,” Pappas says.

And like the reality star, Pappas takes pleasure in flaunting the results on Instagram.

“I used to be uncomfortable taking pictures of my face because I felt insecure about my lips — now, I feel confident,” she says, adding that she finds taking selfies “empowering.”