PSP magazine last week released a new 4-part podcast series on skin care and aesthethics that outlines new technologies and approaches now found in skin care research and products.

The podasct series titled, "Journey to the Cellular Level," features interview with experts in the skin care field, as they talk about a variety of late-breaking topics. The podcast episodes including the following subjects:

The Science of Skin Care — Over the past few years, skin health science has altered the concept of preparing or conditioning the skin. What is now considered the "state of the art" in skin care and what will be the "next gold standard"?

Chemical Peels — With the introduction of advanced laser-based devices, has the venerable, reliable chemical peel ceased to be the "gold standard" for most skin-related treatments?

Dermabrasion and Laser Treatments — Much has been made of the promise of laser- and light-based technologies in the treatment of the skin, as laser device manufacturers and physicians move away from the ablative, invasive procedures of the past to more noninvasive approaches.

Organic and Natural Formulations — Do the terms "organic" and "natural" really mean anything significant when applied to skin care products?

PSP editor Jeffrey Frentzen spoke with the following special guests in this podcasat series: Suzan Obagi, MD, Director at the Cosmetic Surgery and Health Care Center at the University of Pittsburgh; Jennifer Linder, MD, Chief Scientist at PCA Skin; and Brad Katchen, MD, founder of the Manhattan-based SkinCareLab.


[Source: PSP]