Physicians nationwide are reporting promising results in treating facial bruising from injectable aesthetic treatments by using an active ingredient best known for treating under-eye circles.

Pinoxide(TM) is a blend of bicyclic monoterpene dials (BMTd), which is clinically proven to speed blood flow, warm the skin, increase resistance to cold, and reduce dark under-eye symptoms. Additional research suggests that Pinoxide may also contribute to promoting firmness and resiliency in the skin. Physicians are also studying the ingredient’s ability to heal bruising.

Mark G. Rubin, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Beverly Hills, Calif, is conducting a clinical trial on Pinoxide by applying the Microcirculation Therapy formula to injection sites immediately after use of skin fillers.

"Anatomically speaking, dark circles are like bruises so the science behind using Pinoxide for bruising makes total sense," says Rubin. "The skin discoloration during bruising is the result of blood leaking from damaged blood vessels and surfacing to the skin. Similarly, blood vessels under the eyes can burst, leading to the appearance of unattractive dark circles."

Thomas Francel, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon in St. Louis Mo, has also found that application of MicroCirculation Therapy on his patients reduces the appearance of skin bruising, and decreases the amount of healing time for the bruise.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 5 million women had injectable aesthetic treatments last year. Bruising is a common temporary side effect.

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