Cellulite-hautWith the acquisition of Cabochon Aesthetics Inc, Ulthera Inc is about throw their hat into the cellulite reduction market. Cabochon developed a federal Food and Drug Administration-cleared minimally invasive cellulite treatment procedure targets the fibrous septae via a vacuum-assisted device.

The Cabochon technique draws a small section of skin with cellulite into a handpiece to cut the fibrous septae. In independent blinded physician review of before-and-after photos, 78% of patients had improved at least one full grade in severity at 6 months. At baseline, the average cellulite severity score was about 4.5 on an 0-6 scale. At 90 days, the average severity score had dropped to 3, and at 180 days to roughly 2.5, the studies that led to approval showed. Ninety-four percent of patients were rated by independent physicians as having improved by at least 1 point on the 0-6 scale.

Of the 33 US patients followed for 1 year, 87% felt their appearance was improved and 77% were satisfied with their treatment at all time points.

Seroma formation was an issue early on, but researchers have figured out how to tweak the protocol to avoid this complication.

“Cabochon is an innovative technology that addresses a universal body contouring problem for women—dimples and cellulite. It is minimally invasive, and the studies have demonstrated rapid results and a short recovery. With Ulthera’s large install base of practitioners, it should be a welcome addition to their portfolio,” says PSP Contributing Editor Wendy Lewis.