From the May/June 2010 of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal: Blogger Ramona Bates points out an article on the use of Singulair for capsular contracture (CC). More on Using Singulair Treatment for Capsular Contracture:

The article reviews the literature, noting some articles I missed.  Their study is a small (17 patients, 4 with bilateral CC for a total of 21breasts treated with Baker’s Grade II or greater CC).  All of their patients were informed of possible risks associated with the off-label application of Singulair before being prescribed 10 mg of Singulair for 90 days and instructed to massage their breasts twice daily.

[From the study:] “Unlike Accolate, the adverse event profile of Singulair is comparable to placebo, with the most common side effects being headache (18.4% vs 18.1%), influenza-like symptoms (4.2% vs 3.9%), abdominal pain (2.9% vs 2.5%), cough (2.7% vs 2.4%), and dyspepsia (2.1% vs 1.1%).”

Follow-up of patient compliance and treatment results was obtained by a combination of chart review and a standardized telephone questionnaire.  Telephone interviews were used to determine the actual duration and dose of Singulair taken by the patient and whether the patient noted improvement, no change, or worsening of contracture.

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