Gel-Del Technologies has concluded clinical trials of CosmetaLife, a gel-particle product for injection to correct wrinkles, as part of the FDA-approval process.

The company claims that its one-year-long clinical study concluded, "CosmetaLife provides a better early performance than hyaluronic acid products, and a lasting effect expected to persist longer due to an actual dermal correction," according to its inventor, David Masters, PhD, who expects the new product to be commercially available in 2009.

Gel-Del Technologies’ biomaterial products mimic the body’s tissue via patented, protein-based fabrication techniques, according to the company. For more information, check out this document (this is a PDF file).

Other products expected from this firm include VasoGraft, an artificial blood vessel graft for small-diameter vessels, which is being developed for commercialization with a $2 million grant from the National Heart Lung Blood Institute, NIH.

The firm says it has patented methods to coat and manufacture implants and devices with material made to emulate the body’s own extracellular matrix.