Medical aesthetics company Venus Concept Inc. announces that it has received 510(K) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its Venus Versa Pro System, for a variety of aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.

Venus Versa is a modular system based on a multi-application approach. It’s also customizable and upgradable, offering top aesthetic treatments with 10 optional applicators using Venus Concept’s (MP)2, IPL, and NanoFractional RF technologies.

Designed as a modular platform, the Venus Versa can be configured to suit any practice’s needs with the ability to add additional applications as the practice grows or changes. Moreover, the Venus Versa Pro System expands on the comprehensive Venus Versa platform by incorporating proprietary advances in NanoFractional RF technologies from our dedicated skin resurfacing system, Venus VivaMD, providing higher power and deeper skin penetration for optimal results.

“This important clearance is a direct outcome of the new strategic plan we implemented earlier this year,” says Rajiv De Silva, CEO of Venus Concept. “Our new strategy has led us to prioritize the allocation of resources to our most promising growth opportunities and focus on continued innovation to accelerate our path to long-term, sustainable profitability and growth. We anticipate that the Venus Versa Pro System will be an important contributor to revenue growth in 2024.”

Hemanth Varghese, president and chief innovation and business officer of Venus Concept, also spoke out about the FDA clearance, commenting: “The Venus Versa Pro System once again demonstrates our commitment to continue to build upon our robust R&D pipeline. The advancements we are introducing in the Venus Versa Pro System, will provide superior, comprehensive technologies to support our existing and future customers, and address the growing demand for multi-modal solutions in aesthetics.”

“Venus Versa has been one of the company’s best-selling products over the last 5 years with thousands of installations worldwide,” Varghese adds. “We are confident that its new generation Venus Versa Pro System, can surpass the success of Venus Versa, offering our existing customer base an attractive upgrade option, as well as offering new customers a new standard of care to address nearly all their patient’s aesthetic concerns with one platform. We look forward to formally announcing our commercial launch in the coming weeks.”