Because more and more people are having aesthetic plastic surgery, implants and prosthetics have been in the spotlight. Let’s get under the skin to review the latest technology for augmenting the breast, the buttocks, and even the nose and the chin.

Implantech Associates Inc

Implantech Associates Inc offers the Conform Binder Submalar® facial implant, which helps en­hance the midface’s appearance and restore youthful beauty. Its grid-like pattern is pliable and adaptable to conform to irregular surfaces, which helps hold the midface shape and implant placement. Manufactured from silicone, the implant is  trimmed easily by scalpel or scissors to ensure the most aesthetic result.

For additional information, contact Implantech Associates Inc, 6025 Nicolle St, Suite B, Ventura, CA 93003; (800) 733-0833;

INAMED Aesthetics

INAMED Aesthetics’ Style 68 Saline-Filled Breast Implant Matrix gives surgeons more options for planning surgery, allowing greater precision in the selection of implant base width without compromising implant projection. The implant features a smooth shell surface, an anterior diaphragm valve, and a diaphragm valve fill tube for easy filling. The implant is available in low-, moderate-, and high-profile designs.

For additional information, contact INAMED Aesthetics, 5440 Ekwill St, Santa Barbara, CA 93111; (800) 624-4261;

Allied Biomedical

Allied Biomedical offers the Power Flext line of body-contouring implants, as well as facial implants, custom im­plants, and silicone carving blocks. Power Flext is soft, allows for a smaller incision and easier implantation, and corrects implants anatomically. It is available in more than 10 sizes. Custom implants are available within 2 weeks.

For additional information, contact Allied Biomedical, 4756-4 Telephone Rd, PMB 392, Ventura, CA 93003; (800) 276-1322;


AART Inc offers gluteal implants in various de­signs and sizes. Style 2 is designed specifically for subfascial placement, but it can also be placed submuscularly. The im­plants provide projection in the desired areas without affecting locations where volume increase is not desired.

AART also offers body-contouring implants, including calf and pectoral implants, as well as facial implants, to use in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. All standard and custom implants are manufactured from silicone polymers.

For additional information, contact AART Inc, 3545 Airway Dr, Suite 106, Reno, NV 89511; (866) 853-6800;

Atrium Medical Corp

Advanta PTFE facial implants by Atrium Medical Corp feature an open-porosity core integrated with a medium-porosity outer layer. Advanta is a soft, less palpable implant with an authentic look and feel. A natural healing response is achievable through the implant’s biointegration and neovascularization.

For additional information, contact Atrium Medical Corp, 5 Wentworth Dr, Hudson, NH 03051; (800) 528-7486;

Invotec International

For soft and flexible chin im­plants, turn to Invotec Inter­national. The implants feature tapered edges that provide a natural appearance, and they can be trimmed easily for custom fitting. Their opaque white color eliminates transillumination.

For additional information, contact Invotec International, 6833 Phillips Industrial Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32256; (800) 998-8580;


Surgiform introduces the Ofodile Ethnic Nasal Implant Series specifically for African-American and Hispanic nasal anatomies. The implant, designed by Ferdinand Ofodile, MD, is available in two styles: Series I and Series II. Series I is for African-American and Hispanic noses with low but straight bridges; Series II is for African-American noses with saddle-shaped bridges. The implants help achieve a more desirable and pleasing nasal profile by augmenting the dorsum to dimensions that are more in concert with wider nasal tips. The implants are sterile and are available in three sizes.

For additional information, contact Surgiform, 11476 Hawke Rd, Columbia Station, OH 44028; (866) 225-5785;

Porex Surgical Products

Porex Surgical Pro­ducts offers an interactive Web site with e-viewCT, which enables a patient’s CT scan data to be converted to a customized virtual 3-D implant design. The program allows the surgeon to transmit the patient’s CT scan data electronically via a secure file-transfer protocol and view it online with a 3-D skull model and im­plant template using a downloadable prescription form with an individual password-protected Web site address.

For additional information, contact Porex Surgical Products, 15 Dart Rd, Newnan, GA 30265-1017; (800) 521-7321;

Spectrum Designs Medical

Spectrum Designs Medical offers a DVD about buttock augmentation that features Douglas M. Senderoff, MD, FACS. In this comprehensive DVD, Senderoff demonstrates implant sizing and placement during intramuscular and subfascial techniques.

For more information, contact Spectrum De­signs Medical, 6387-B Rose Ln, Carpinteria, CA 93013; (800) 239-6399;