The Astanza Trinity laser tattoo removal system combines the power of its Duality and Eternity lasers, built to provide a safe, reliable, and effective method for removing unwanted ink.

The fourth anniversary of National Tattoo Removal Day is Saturday, August 14, 2021. The annual event was founded to bring awareness to the laser tattoo removal industry; support people interested in removing their regretful ink; and recognize the businesses and practitioners that provide and perform laser tattoo removal. National Tattoo Removal Day is recognized on August 14 because it is exactly six months ahead of Valentine’s Day, which is typically how long it takes to remove an unwanted name tattoo. According to a spokesperson, most black-ink tattoos that are small-to-medium-sized, such as a former love’s name, can start laser tattoo removal treatment on August 14 and be removed entirely by Valentine’s Day. 


With millions of Americans seeking a solution for their tattoo regret each year, Astanza Trinity designed a laser tattoo removal system that combines the power of two standalone lasers, the Duality and the Eternity. According to the manufacturer, the system is built to provide a safe, reliable, and effective method for removing unwanted ink.

As the official sponsor of National Tattoo Removal Day, Astanza is a leader in lasers for tattoo removal, hair removal, and additional aesthetic procedures. It has partnered with additional sponsors across the country to connect interested prospects looking to receive laser tattoo removal treatment with local providers.

Numerous laser tattoo removal recipients celebrate National Tattoo Removal Day by sharing successful before and after pictures and transformation stories. Others use it as an opportunity to finally take the plunge and remove that unwanted tattoo they’ve been regretting.  Laser tattoo removal businesses nationwide use National Tattoo Removal Day as a chance to host a special event, generate added revenue, and reward existing clients with special discounts. Laser tattoo removal businesses that are interested in joining this year’s festivities, are encouraged to download the FREE National Tattoo Removal Day graphics, use the #NationalTattooRemovalDay, and follow the official National Tattoo Removal Day Facebook page. Astanza will broadcast the LIVE-streamed celebration at their Dallas, Tex headquarters.