RealSelf Inc announces it has formed a Strategic Medical Advisory Council with three operating boards that will infuse medical expertise and feedback into its operations to strengthen the value of RealSelf products, services, and content and further support its mission to help consumers make smart, confident decisions.

The Real Self Strategic Advisory Council is made up of the Business Advisory Board, the Medical Review Advisory Board and the Industry Advisory Board, all of which are comprised of board-certified doctors and surgeons who are leaders in their fields and active proponents of transparency and the evolution of aesthetics. The formation of the council follows the appointment of the first RealSelf Chief Medical Officer last summer, according to a media release from RealSelf.

“As a fast-moving technology company in the rapidly changing aesthetics industry, it is imperative we keep our ear to the ground to stay ahead of trends to best serve the needs of consumers and doctors. Doctor feedback has always been a valuable part of our evolution, and I am incredibly excited to formalize the Council as part of our operations to ensure we are best serving the needs of our consumers and medical practitioners for decades to come,” says Tom Seery, co-founder and CEO of RealSelf, in the release.

“These doctors are forward-looking leaders in their fields and will help RealSelf better understand historical industry challenges, evaluate what we plan to bring to market, and envision the aesthetics landscape of the future. We’re honored to welcome them to the RealSelf team.”

The Business Advisory Board charter is to work alongside RealSelf senior leadership, influencing product and business decisions that affect the RealSelf community, which includes consumers interested in cosmetic procedures and doctors and other medical professionals.

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