Regenacell Therapy Inc announces the launch of the Lipo-Pro System in conjunction with its manufacturing partner, Ranfac Corp.

The adipose harvesting and processing device is designed to allow for the sourcing of adipose aspirate and subsequent adipose graft preparation at point of care by retaining the cellular component of both the graft and infranatant while removing the acellular components of oil and remaining infranatant.

According to Thomas D’Arcy, CEO of Regenacell Therapy, the Lipo-Pro Adipose harvesting and processing system “allows the clinician to acquire a small volume of adipose tissue and process it for a High-Density Adipose graft.”

Regenacell Therapy President Bryan Mosley touts that the system “provides a tool that allows physicians conducting autologous injection therapies to meet today’s challenges in office-based procedure economics.”

[Source(s): Regenacell Therapy Inc, PR Newswire]