Because of the ever-changing industry of plastic surgery, it is important that you update your surgical instruments to be able to perform treatments and procedures as quickly and efficiently as you can to provide the best results for your patients. Here are some surgical instruments that are currently on the market.

Midmark Corp

Midmark Corp introduces its 641 Power Procedures Chair, which features wireless controls and versatile headrest positioning that allows proper support of the patient’s head for increased patient comfort. The chair can be interchanged without the necessity of tools in six different headrest styles to support a variety of procedures. Taller patients are also easily accommodated with an extension of the integrated foot section.

Midmark Corp
60 Vista Dr
Versailles, OH 45380

Paragon Service

Paragon Service introduces the Platinum SC430 anesthesia system, which includes a 2-year warranty. The AV-S ventilator features ascending bellows (20 to 1,600 mL without changing the bellows) and a large 8.4-inch color touch screen. Standard ventilation modes include a volume mode (with fresh gas compensation), a pressure mode, and a pressure support mode. Electronic PEEP, a pressure limiter, and spirometry are standard. The compact heated absorber accepts a single, 3-pound, prepack canister. Other features of the Platinum SC430 include ultralow flow capabilities, O2, N2O, and air dual flowmeters, a double selectatec vaporizer manifold, work surface lighting, integrated electrical outlets, a writing tray, an auxiliary oxygen flowmeter, and scavenger and high-pressure hoses. The Sigma Delta vaporizer does not require scheduled service for rebuilds.

Paragon Service
204 W Bennett St
Saline, MI 48176
(800) 448-0814

Sound Surgical Technologies

The VASER® System by Sound Surgical Technologies is a liposuction system that efficiently emulsifies fatty tissue with a minimal amount of energy, thereby achieving the desired result with reduced trauma to the tissue matrix. The VASER uses 36-kHz ultrasonic energy to target fat, and it provides the physician with control and ease of use. One-, two-, and three-groove patterns on the patented VASER probes increase fragmentation efficiency for fibrous, medium, and soft-tissue types, allowing treatment of a full range of fatty tissue. Precision fluid management, controlled tissue selective emulsification, and proprietary cannulae work together to produce the desired results.

Sound Surgical Technologies LLC
357 S McCaslin Blvd, Suite 100
Louisville, CO 80027
(888) 471-4777

ACE Medical Equipment

ACE Medical Equipment offers the Midmark 75L Power Exam Chair. Each refurbished chair comes with a choice of a new upholstery color and a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. ACE Medical also offers sales and service of patient monitors, defibrillators, and electrosurgical units, in addition to anesthesia machines and lighting products.

ACE Medical Equipment Inc
13214 38th St N
Clearwater, FL 33762
(800) 223-6606


Oculo-Plastik offers Durette® III laser goggles for patients. Durette enables exposure of the glabella, nose, and crow’s feet, and features metal cups (regular and small) with clear plastic (nasal and temporal) attachments that can be moved away from the area to be treated without affecting the proper shields position.

Oculo-Plastik Inc
200 Sauvé W
Montreal, QC, Canada H3L 1Y9
(888) 381-3292

Shippert Medical Technologies

Shippert Medical Technologies offers liposuction, breast augmentation, and autologous fat transfer instruments. In addition to the standard blue liposuction handle, the company manufactures the ergonomic Biplane handle, which reduces repetitive stress during extensive liposuction. Stainless steel cannulae are available in more than 30 hole patterns, and in any diameter or length. Surgical accessories include syringes, locks, transfers, guns, and tubing. Shippert Medical also offers surgical instruments for transauxiliary and transumbilical breast augmentation. The transumbilical breast set is available with a small or large trocar tube and tips. Patented Tissu-Trans instruments for autologous fat transfer are also available. The systems are available in 10-cc, 60-cc, and MEGA 1,000-cc models.

Shippert Medical Technologies Corp
6248 S Troy Circle, Suite A
Centennial, CO 80111
(800) 888-8663

MD Resource

The Tumescent Measuring Device (TMD) by MD Resource measures tumescent delivery with ±1.0-mL precision. The TMD device features a 24-volt low-current circuitry and allows the system to be piggybacked to the K Pump system. It can also be used as a stand-alone device. It has a four-digit display on a blue backlight and offers a 60° viewing capacity, with a load limit of up to 4,000 mL. The system mounts on an adjustable intravenous (IV) pole and uses a stainless-steel hook that accommodates multiple IV bags. It supplements an aspiration-infiltration “tower” assembly that provides aspiration, power-assisted lipoplasty, infiltration, collection, and the IV bags all within a 15-inch-square footprint of space.

MD Resource Corp
23392 Connecticut St, Suite 1
Hayward, CA 94545
(800) 633-8423


Invotec International introduces a portable, LED headlight and endoscope light-source system. The lightweight, BrightStar™ LED focusable headlight comes with a padded, screw-adjustable polymer headband or as a “loop-ready” clip-on, focusable headlight attachment. The belt-mounted battery power pack provides up to 5 hours of white light and can be recharged using a universal voltage charger.

Invotec International
6833 Phillips Industrial Pkwy
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(800) 998-8580


AART Inc offers a complete line of liposuction equipment and supplies, including cannulae and aspiration pumps. AART uses stainless steel hypodermic tubing, which is polished inside and out for efficient flow. AART also offers educational support, including instructional laboratories and videos for body-contouring implants and liposuction.

3545 Airway Dr, Suite 106
Reno, NV 89511
(866) 853-6800

CompView Medical

NuBOOM by CompView Medical is an all-in-one equipment-management and visualization system. NuBOOM features cabinet and shelf space that efficiently house existing medical and video equipment, including two 9-foot booms with 35-inch extension arms for six-axis monitor positioning. A touch-panel control system allows users to easily select the video source for each monitor. The system’s floor-mounted design allows consolidation of all equipment into a centralized location. The monitors are positioned in a way to allow physicians and staff to have an ergonomic viewing angle.

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CompView Medical
10035 SW Arctic Dr
Beaverton, OR 97005
(800) 448-8439