Avéli™ is a buzzworthy new tool that offers an effective solution for the treatment of cellulite, maintains Barrington, Ill.-based board-certified plastic surgeon Renee Burke, MD. Below, Burke provides valuable insights into the effectiveness, procedure details, downtime, and candidacy for Avéli.

Plastic Surgery Practice: In short, what is Avéli?

Renee Burke, MD: Avéli is a U.S. FDA-cleared device designed to treat a major underlying cause of cellulite dimples in the thighs and buttocks, leaving them with a smoother, sleeker appearance. We know a cause of these dimples are bands underneath the skin, called septa, that tether the skin and cause the appearance of dimpling on the surface. 

By dividing these septa, Avéli delivers a meaningful reduction in cellulite in both the thighs and buttocks after a single, minimally invasive in-office procedure. It takes about an hour and has little downtime for patients. When I perform the procedure, I pass the Avéli device just underneath the skin to grab hold of the septa. Next, I deploy a small, sharp edge to cut the bands and release the skin being pulled and causing the appearance of the cellulite dimple. As a result, the skin bounces back and smooths out. 

PSP: Why is Avéli an effective tool for treatment of cellulite?

Burke: The greatest differentiator of Avéli™ from other cellulite treatments is its ability to directly target the bands causing each dimple from the inside-out, rather than the outside-in. Those bands, known as fibrous septa, form networks underneath the skin that are often made of multiple, tiny bands so close to one another that they create the appearance of one large band. Avéli gives me the ability to directly target these networks of bands, allowing me to feel them divide. I can then confirm their release in real time and see the skin instantly improve. 

PSP: How long does the procedure take? And is there any downtime?

Burke: An in-office Avéli™ procedure takes about an hour. The actual dimple release is a quick process, but we also need time to numb the area with local anesthetic and have that take effect. Timing also depends on how many areas or dimples we are treating. Downtime is very minimal after being treated with Avéli, and I see some of my patients get back to their daily activities within 24 hours of their procedure—and most will resume within a few days. 

PSP: How long do the results last?

Burke: Patients in the clinical study were followed for a year after their procedure and demonstrated lasting results at their 12-month follow-up. Noticeable results are visible quickly after the procedure, once swelling or bruising subsides.

PSP: How many sessions does one need to see results?

Burke: After just one treatment, Avéli can deliver long-term reduction in the appearance of cellulite. 

PSP: Who is a good candidate for Avéli?

Burke: Avéli is a great option for women with cellulite dimples or depressions that bother them, but it’s important to know that Avéli does not treat skin laxity, which is another skin concern related to aging. Avéli can be used to reduce cellulite dimples across a spectrum of cellulite severity and complexity and can also be used with any skin type or tone, so it’s quite versatile. Women who are looking for long-term reduction in cellulite dimples from a single, minimally invasive procedure should ask their doctor about any risks and if they are a candidate for Avéli.