A collective group of plastic surgeons, skincare, and beauty experts will engage in the program’s thought leadership initiative.

Aesthetics Biomedical Inc (ABM) has launched the debut of its Ambassadorship Program, which brings plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical aesthetic practitioners, and skincare professionals together with the brand in a unique capacity beyond just providing treatments to consumers.

The brand ambassadors will become thought leaders both internally, but primarily externally, on behalf of Aesthetics Biomedical. These opportunities for education and awareness include various speaking and media engagements, virtual round tables, participation in sponsored events, social media takeovers, press interviews and more.

MaryAnn Guerra, chief executive officer at Aesthetics Biomedical says: “Our goal is to bring together like-minded, experienced skincare professionals who are passionate about educating the world about health, and beauty. This group will bring their personal perspectives to the community, which we believe is critical to have a fully informed physician and consumer community. We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with this group of world class medical providers.”

The program is expected to commence on Monday, March 1, and according to the company, has already generated significant attention in the aesthetic community with the roster of key opinion leaders from across the nation. To learn more about the current participants, read more.