The ‘See Yourself’ documentary style content series features the people who get treated with BOTOX Cosmetic and their reason why.

Allergan Aesthetics is launching ‘See Yourself’, a new campaign featuring documentary style shorts that dive deep into the stories of real BOTOX Cosmetic patients— people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, colors, and origins. The company’s goal is to focus on the unique journeys of its consumers, aiming to create greater transparency and a judgement-free dialogue around the decision to choose an aesthetic treatment.

“BOTOX Cosmetic is honoring and celebrating the dynamic people who use our products. We know that getting treated with BOTOX Cosmetic is something people do for themselves. Whether it is a milestone moment or a part of your regular routine, both are driven by the desire for the image in the mirror to reflect how you see yourself. Each person’s story and journey are different,” says Carrie Strom, senior vice president, AbbVie and president, global Allergan Aesthetics. “This campaign is just the beginning, our goal is that through authentic storytelling, people will connect with the brand, and we can continue to foster a supportive, open, and inclusive space that is free from judgement about aesthetic treatment decisions.”

As people begin to embrace meeting up in-person again, society is feeling like they have a lot to celebrate; after experiencing mostly virtual social interactions, consumer interest in aesthetic treatments has been on the rise. Loyal patients excited to get back to their provider or anyone who is curious about BOTOX Cosmetic, are invited to follow along with these real patient stories by viewing a series of documentary shorts which will be released across digital, social, and broadcast platforms throughout 2021.

The company notes, that these shorts were directed by renowned documentarian and famed storyteller Errol Morris, who was inspired by the complexity of self-image. Using a mirror and a simple question, “how do you see yourself?”, Morris unlocks a wide range of emotions from people. The documentary style shorts introduce viewers to individuals like Stephen, a makeup artist who after a life-changing event felt it was time to do something for himself. Other stories include those of Chi-Lan and Monique, who after spending time caring for others decided it is now time to focus on themselves. These stories are authentic, honest, and relatable and reflect that a BOTOX Cosmetic patient is likely someone you know.