by Zenith Cosmetic Clinics

We all have areas of stubborn fat that we want to remove but can’t with exercise and dieting. Liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries can speed up that process. But there is a new contender for fat removal treatments: BodyTite. Utilizing radio frequencies to melt the fat away, it is much less invasive, less painful, and a more precise method to drop stubborn fat and sculpt your body back to perfection. But is it as effective as more traditional liposuction?

Traditional Liposuction

For some people, the thought of a doctor breaking up fat with a tube and then suctioning it out of your body is quite nasty. Requiring a general anesthesia is also a definite red flag for pain. While the process is fairly quick, it can leave patients with a lengthy amount of time to recover as well as visible scarring. In terms of actually losing fat, liposuction is very efficient, but it can leave unwanted excess skin where the fat used to be. As with every surgery, some marks are going to be left behind. From some bruising to redness of the skin, liposuction might remove fat but it does leave visible signs of the process.


BodyTite is the latest advancement in fat removal. The process is much less invasive, requiring only very small entry points to remove lots of fat and tighten the skin simultaneously. With the ability to remove 3 liters of fat for each session, it is quicker and much less painful than traditional liposuction methods. But is it as effective?

In short, yes it is. The radio frequencies help liquify the fat, which is then removed via the needle attached to the device, making it incredibly easy to target lots of areas of fat. The big bonus over traditional methods is that skin tightens once the fat is removed due to the heat being used, by more than 40% than alternatives. This means that you can see results immediately after the procedure, and the results continue to improve for up to 12 weeks after as the skin heals. Unlike other more invasive methods, the postprocedure marks are minimal, with some light bruising and uneven skin being the worst of your worries and they all soon fade within 3 weeks.

So Which is Better?

It really depends on what you are looking for. If you want a quick and painless way to remove stubborn areas and sculpt your dream body, then BodyTite is probably the best option for you. If you need a more invasive technique, then there are plenty of other options available. But only a qualified doctor can advise on the best procedure for your needs, so you should always have a consultation before you go ahead with anything.

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