Can I get Botox when I’m pregnant?

Depends. There is limited safety data in Botox in pregnancy, but what we do have shows it’s not likely to cross the placenta. If it’s being used only for cosmetic reasons, if there is any risk at all it hardly seems worth it. Enjoy the beauty of your pregnancy glow. If you use it for treatment of severe migraines then talk to your neurologist to see if the risk may be worth the benefit.

Can I get my hair dyed when I’m pregnant?

Yes. Getting your hair highlighted or colored during pregnancy is fine. Though early studies suggested that coloring hair was associated with miscarriage, these were studies where the researchers FED huge amounts of dye to rats. Applying highlighter to your hair is fine, but please don’t drink it. If you are wanting to get your hair straightened or permed, then you will need to check with your doctor to confirm those specific chemicals are safe.

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