With more and more women adding Botox to their bridal beauty regime, it’s worth considering the pros and cons of the cosmetic treatment, especially if it’s your first time dabbling in injectables.

Dr. Jonquille Chantrey, surgeon and skin specialist at the luxury new wellness clinic Mallucci London, says “it can make a bride look rested and bright, counteracting the effects of stress leading up to the day” – but Botox virgins should never feel pressured or rushed into a decision. The most important factor? Getting the right practitioner. Read on for her dos and don’ts:

Do plan WAY in advance

“I’d plan bridal Botox for five months in advance if possible. I always like to give a treatment and then assess if we need to do any tweaks. It takes up to three weeks for the full results to reveal, so at that point we can fine tune. Botox lasts at least three months so after one treatment the bride will feel happy that the dose and result is right before a final commitment. Then I would re-treat at five weeks before the wedding day, giving me time to reassess and adjust in plenty of time, if necessary.”

Don’t go for a doctor based on social media popularity

“Always research the experience and credibility of your doctor first. Don’t go based on social media popularity or a friend’s opinion alone. Talk through all of your concerns – a good doctor will advise if there are alternative options to Botox to suit your needs specifically. Don’t feel pressured or rushed into a decision. Request lighter doses for a natural look – more can always be added.”

Do insist on ‘artistic’ Botox

“Good Botox can make you look natural on your big day and an artistic doctor will enhance your real beauty. Remember, advanced areas around the nose, chin and jawline should be performed by experts only as it can adversely affect expression. Not what you want on your wedding day.”

Don’t think that more is better

“Undoubtedly, the biggest mistake brides make with Botox is getting too much into their forehead and crow’s feet. The wrong placement into the forehead can make the brows either look heavy or give an exaggerated arch. A subtle dosing can give a lifted brow that looks natural.”

Do be extra careful around the eyes

“Chasing wrinkles around the eyes can lead to a change in the smile which I think is less flattering. I alter the dose around the eyes so the skin looks smoother – but without making the smile look pinched. This is important for all those photos – we know women should be all smiles on their big day.”