A Chicago doctor is literally bringing people into his surgeries live on social media.

A Chicago plastic surgeon is not only changing the face of his patient, but he’s also changing the way people look at facial plastic surgery.

“Every week or every other week we have a Facebook Live segment educating people out there about what different procedures are like in plastic surgery. We do this on Facebook Live because it’s unedited and it’s really a credible way to see what these procedures are like,” said Dr. Anil Shah.

The patient on Wednesday received a chin augmentation.

“This was the most popular and most rising procedure of 2015. The reason for this is because more and more people are taking selfies, people are looking at their side profiles,” said Dr. Shah.

This is the seventh procedure Dr. Shah has done on Facebook Live. While he’s working, he takes questions from viewers about what he’s doing.

When the patient is awake, like the one on Wednesday, people can even ask them how they feel.

Dr. Shah says he’s seen other surgeons take viewers through procedures on social platforms like Snapchat, but he likes being able to interact with people in real time.

“A lot of times people can ask questions that they wouldn’t normally ask, but behind a computer screen they might be more comfortable doing that,” said Dr. Shah.