Celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles not only works with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars—Lily Collins, Sienna Miller and Bryce Dallas Howard, to name a few—but she was also one of the most googled makeup artists of 2016. She even has her own makeup line (and it’s a good one). We recently caught up with the beauty guru to hear about her favorite makeup trends for spring and how to wear them for a cutting-edge look. These five made her list, which she says is “as much of a wish list as it is a prediction.”

“Right now, makeup is all over the place, in a good way. It’s all about self-expression,” says Stiles. “In a world where seeing full-on glitter lips is as viable as stacks and stacks of lashes, or a beauty like Zoë Kravitz with glossy skin and not much else, the world is your oyster. Just wear it like you mean it and you can’t go wrong.”