Once the buzziest of B-words with “real” housewives and celebrities, Botox is now becoming a regular part of beauty routines for women of all ages. In fact, according to a report from the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 64 percent of doctors reported an increase in patients ages 30 and under requesting cosmetic or injectable treatments.

“It’s important to start a relationship with a surgeon early,” says Daniel Westawski, M.D., who specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Einstein Healthcare Network. “It [Botox] can be a tremendous transformation if you chose to do it in one step and make you look like a totally different person.”

Instead, Westawski advises patients to take “a more European approach” to maintaining youthful skin by scheduling treatments a little at a time. The result, he says, is a more subtle look that cues people to say ‘oh you look great’ versus ‘what have you had done?’

So, the secret to anti-aging isn’t necessarily about finding an elusive “fountain of youth,” it’s about finding the right plastic surgeon. Together, you and your doctor can create a plan that guides you through the decades as ageless, flawless, and healthy as possible. From being diligent about sunscreen to investing in 15-minute procedures that help you age gracefully, the team at Einstein Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is sharing everything you need to know to fight father time.